Platform Summit 2024

Austin API Summit 2024

Platform Summit 2023

LiveCast: API Monetization

LiveCast: API Documentation Best Practices

LiveCast: API Lifecycle Management

LiveCast: Zero Trust

LiveCast: API-First

LiveCast: API Prototyping and Generating SDKs

LiveCast: Standardizing Open Banking

LiveCast: API Design Best Practices

LiveCast: Treating APIs as Products

LiveCast: Evolving Hypermedia

LiveCast: APIs and Low-code

LiveCast: Leveraging AsyncAPI

LiveCast: Securing Open Banking

LiveCast: Legacy Modernization

LiveCast: API-as-a-Product

LiveCast: Introduction to Service Mesh

LiveCast: Identity and APIs

LiveCast: Developer Empathy

LiveCast: Consumer-Centric API Governance

LiveCast: Maturing Platform Security

LiveCast: API Monitoring

Austin API Summit 2020

Platform Summit 2020

LiveCast: APIs and Open Banking

LiveCast: Developer Experience for API Products

The 2019 Platform Summit

LiveCast: Scaling API Security For Large Enterprises

Austin API Summit 2019

LiveCast: Diving into GraphQL

LiveCast: API Business: Monetizing APIs

The 2018 Platform Summit

LiveCast: The Role of Identity in API Security

Austin API Summit 2018

LiveCast: Strategies For Microservices Architectures

Austin API Summit 2018 – Test

APIs for Banking and FinTech

LiveCast: API Usability & Developer Experience

Online LiveCast: API Security 101 | Nordic APIs

The 2017 Platform Summit

PS 17 Test Schema

Nordic APIs Workshops: Amsterdam

Secure, flexible & modern APIs for Payments

Nordic APIs Workshops: Copenhagen

The 2016 Platform Summit

The API Stack Conference





2015 Nordic APIs Tour

Platform Summit 2014

Gothenburg, Spring 2014

Stockholm, 21-22 october

Nordic Tour: Stockholm

Nordic Tour: Helsinki

Nordic Tour: Oslo

Nordic Tour: Copenhagen

APIs for Business

Sundsvall, Summer 2013

Aarhus, Summer, 2013

Trondheim, Summer 2013

Stockholm, 18-19 September 2013

Copenhagen, Summer 2013

Stockholm, Spring 2013

Stockholm, Spring 2013 (AM)

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Smarter Tech Decisions Using APIs

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