Our eBooks offer deeper dives into specific topics, consolidating expert opinions and case studies on APIs. The Nordic APIs team has written and published the following eBooks, which can all be downloaded for FREE for easy desktop, browser, or mobile reading.

NordicAPIs ebooks

Developer Experience

Our top advice on improving API developer experience. Explore tips to streamline the discovery and onboarding process and ways to make your API more self-service. Best practices around documentation, sandboxes, and sample code. We also cover particular design traits to keep consistent that will retain happy users.


API-as-a-Product is a rising trend. In this eBook, we cover tips to help you create a working business model around a specialized public API. Discover common monetization models, developer marketing tips, and more helpful business advice for API-centric SaaS.

Identity and APIs

Much of API security boils down to how you handle identity. In Identity and APIs, we discover the techniques to secure platform access and delegate access throughout a mature API ecosystem. As enterprises invest heavily in web API strategies, they must rethink security, incorporating concepts like OAuth, OpenID Connect, and the API Security Maturity Model.

API Strategy for Open Banking

Within API Strategy for Open Banking, we present a holistic API perspective on open banking. We cover PSD2, open banking benefits, developer experience tips, frameworks for high-grade security and access management, and more. We’ve featured best practices and case studies from some of the world’s largest open banking initiatives.

GraphQL or Bust

As we’ve covered before, GraphQL is the query language making ripples throughout the economy. GraphQL or Bust will aim to once and for all determine the position of GraphQL within the API ecosystem. We’ll explore things like the benefits of GraphQL, the differences between it and REST, nuanced security concerns, extending GraphQL with additional tooling, GraphQL-specific consoles,

API Design on the Scale of Decades

Expert Insights from the 2016 Nordic APIs Platform Summit, dedicated to the theme of architecting and designing APIs on the scale of decades.

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Smarter Tech Decisions Using APIs

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