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How to Successfully Market an API

The bible for project managers, technical evangelists, or marketing aficionados in the process of promoting an API program. In it we reveal how to plan an API-first business, how to make it discoverable, promote it to press and developer networks, establish quality developer relations, and advocate on behalf of your users to spark adoption and

API-Driven DevOps

The advent of cloud computing has changed the way applications are being built, deployed and hosted. One important development in recent years has been the emergence of DevOps — a discipline at the crossroads between application development and system administration. As more and more groups adopt DevOps organizational strata, understanding this new structure is key to keeping fresh and innovative. Grab this volume to learn about Continuous Integration tooling, Configuration Management, Docker Containers, and an API-driven approach to uniting development and delivery.

The API Economy

APIs are largely responsible for some pretty astounding industry disruption. Just as important is the interlaced economy supporting these services. Tune into case studies as we explore how agile businesses are using APIs to disrupt industries and outperform competitors. We’ll track the historical progression of the space, forecast future trends, and pick apart the players

Programming APIs with the Spark Web Framework

Learn how to master Spark Java, a free open source micro framework that can be used to develop powerful APIs alongside JVM-based programming languages. Throughout this eBook, we highlight what makes Java Spark an incredibly functional and useful toolkit for crafting APIs. With extensive code samples included, we demonstrate how you can use this framework

Securing The API Stronghold

Digital security is more and more a pressing concern. In the API and microservices world, the proper access management needs to be seriously addressed to ensure your digital assets are securely distributed. Nordic APIs has compiled our most vital advice into a single eBook. We outline security stacks and workflows using modern technologies such as

The API Lifecycle

Consumed by third party products and fueled by iterative feedback and market validation, the web API product lifecycle can be more complex than typical SaaS offerings. We at Nordic APIs have boiled down the common API lifecycle into four main phases, helping goal an API practitioner stabilize their API against internal and external factors, encouraging

Smarter Tech Decisions Using APIs

Smarter Tech Decisions Using APIs

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