Past and upcoming API events

Nordic APIs arrange API events, workshops, seminars and meetups throughout the programming world. Here is a timeline showcasing upcoming and past events.


Next event TBD

Stay tuned for our next event.

The Nordic APIs 2017 Platform Summit

October 10-11

Nordic APIs big two-day event in Stockholm, Sweden. This years theme was Scale Your API PlatformArchitect and deliver cutting-edge APIs and microservices.

Nordic APIs Workshops: Amsterdam

June 12

This half-day event was created to evolve the attendees API knowledge with hands-on exercises. The event was held in Amsterdam on June 12th, 2017, and it was the 21st in this series of all-API-related events and the first in Amsterdam.

Secure, flexible & modern APIs for Payments

May 10

At this free, half-day event we gave an introduction to REST and Hypermedia, and talked about the important role OAuth2 plays as the central piece of the authorization puzzle. The event was co-organised by Nordic APIs and PayEx.

Nordic APIs Workshops: Copenhagen

March 1

This half-day event was created to evolve the attendees API knowledge with hands-on exercises. The event was designed to help Nordic organizations to become more efficient, automated, and programmable. This event in Copenhagen on March 1st, 2017 was the 20th in this series of all-API-related events and the fifth in Denmark.


The Nordic APIs 2016 Platform Summit

October 24-26

At the 2016 Platform Summit in Stockholm we talked about how to accelerate development and operations to design long-lasting APIs, and how to continuously deploy strategy to gain a return on your API platform. As our previous Summit focused on initial creation, this one was geared toward DevOps and really taking advantage of the platform. At the event we had parallel tracks – one with a developer focus and one with a business focus.

The API Stack Conference

April 12

At our half-day event in Helsinki we wanted to help you advance your API programming strategies. We partnered with API Suomi and PlanMill to present the API Stack – a conference dedicated to API development, DevOps, and backend design guided by industry expert speakers. Ideal for the API practitioner looking to strengthen their command in the API space and increase their platform longevity.


Java Meetup: Building APIs on the JVM

August 25

In collaboration with the Stockholm Java user group, we gathered to talk about how to build APIs on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). We focused on how to program APIs in Kotlin, Groovy, Clojure, and Java at this free after-work event.


Nordic APIs Platform Summit

October 20-22

We hosted the Nordic APIs Platform Summit in Stockholm. This year’s regional conference was all about becoming an API platform. The workshops and two days of presentations helped API practitioners learn how to transform a business into an API platform.