Platform Summit

Welcome to the 14th ever Nordic APIs event!

This year, the regional conference is all about becoming an API platform. The workshops and two days of presentations are designed to help you learn how to transform your business into an API platform.

We’re so glad you decided to join us!

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Nordic APIs Platform Summit 2014



Lustikulla Conference Center
Liljeholmsvägen 18
117 61 Stockholm

To get here, the closest subway station is Liljeholmen on the red subway line. A map and direction from the central subway station, T­Centralen, can also be found here.

Social Media

Please feel free to use the following the social media profiles to connect during and after the event:

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Practical information


To connect to the Internet, use the following information:

SSID: Lustikulla Konferens
Password: 0855632160

The venue

Lustikulla map