At Nordic APIs, we are striving to inspire the average API practitioner. We are doing this through events and by publishing thought-provoking content. By sharing interesting stories, we aim to show that everyone can benefit from the use of APIs.

Blog Guidelines for Community Submissions:

Before you submit, here’s what we’re looking for. We only publish community submissions that satisfy these points:

  • Thought leadership: Not superficial, goes beyond common knowledge to tackle a specific idea.
  • Evergreen: Still relevant 18 months later.
  • Word Count: Shoot for around 1000-1500 words minimum. We’ve found this is a good length for an evergreen, quality post.
  • Vendor neutral: Don’t mention your company within the post. Unless we’re reviewing a tech on purpose, our content aims to have no vendor bias.
  • No Republishing: Please send us fresh stuff. We don’t re-publish articles that appeared on your company blog or Medium channel, and we don’t syndicate our content.
  • Grounded: Support claims with specific concrete details or references.
  • Clear direction & thesis: Ideas directly relate to and support a thesis.
  • Don’t use first person: We prefer a collective, third person voicing.
  • Concise: The piece is not overly verbose or repetitive.
  • Structured: Please create a headline, and organize sections with subtitles.
  • SEO-aware: Emphasize a target keyword/phrase, and use supplemental keywords, especially within title, subtitles, and introduction.
  • Style Guide: We have an internal Style Guide and aren’t afraid to use it! :)
  • Submission: Unless the topic is already agreed upon, please use the submission form below to pitch an article idea. Our Editor will review/respond quickly.
  • Format: Please submit your writing in Markdown within a Google Doc. Not sure how to use Markdown? It’s easy!

We Do Not Publish Sponsored Content

Please note that we do not feature advertising, sponsored content or content syndication on our blog. We also don’t add links to articles upon request. Emails unrelated to our subject matter will be ignored and reported as spam.

Blog Stats

Our blog reaches 200,000 readers each month. All our articles are professionally copyedited and come with custom graphics. Each post is featured in our bi-weekly digest, with over 4,000 API practitioner subscribers.

Write for the blog

If you are a freelance writer, blogger, podcaster, or YouTuber; are passionate about APIs, cloud computing, microservices, mobile, IoT, big data, DevOps, and related fields, we would love to hear from you. If you would like to contribute, fill out the form below.

Speak at an event

Do you have an idea for a great talk that would connect with the Nordic APIs community? Visit the Call for Speakers page to submit your talk.
You can see our event calendar here;.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you. Get in Touch