GraphQL or Bust


As we’ve covered before, GraphQL is the query language making ripples throughout the economy. GraphQL or Bust will aim to once and for all determine the position of GraphQL within the API ecosystem. We’ll explore things like the benefits of GraphQL, the differences between it and REST, nuanced security concerns, extending GraphQL with additional tooling, GraphQL-specific consoles, making a transition to GraphQL from an existing web API, and much more. Read more

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The advent of cloud computing has changed the way applications are being built, deployed and hosted. One important development in recent years has been the emergence of DevOps — a discipline at the crossroads between application development and system administration. As more and more groups adopt DevOps organizational strata, understanding this new structure is key to keeping fresh and innovative. Read more


APIs are largely responsible for some pretty astounding industry disruption. Just as important is the interlaced economy supporting these services. Tune into case studies as we explore how agile businesses are using APIs to disrupt industries and outperform competitors. We’ll track the historical progression of the space, forecast future trends, and pick apart the players supporting the evolving, now diversified, API economy. Read more


Consumed by third party products and fueled by iterative feedback and market validation, the web API product lifecycle can be more complex than typical SaaS offerings. We at Nordic APIs have boiled down the common API lifecycle into four main phases, helping goal an API practitioner stabilize their API against internal and external factors, encouraging small revisions or large pivoting to reach long-term project goals throughout analysis, development, operations, and retirement stages. Read more

Developing the API Mindset ebook

This guide defines a taxonomy for API types and offers insightful business strategies for each variation: Private, Partner, and Public APIs. Most important of all is that API usage in a business assists in reorienting the business culture and mindset towards a platform model and composable enterprise identity. Read more


We consolidated our 11 favorite blog posts from the winter season into an easy to view eBook, spreading insights founded on hundreds of business representatives that we met with during our 2014 seminars. API architects are realizing that APIs need to be conceived with their target consumer in mind, whether human or machine. Read more


This eBook is a compilation of Nordic APIs blog posts from 2014. Much of it specifically deals with how to become an API platform. We define exactly what it means to transform your online business into a growth-oriented platform, tuning into case studies like Apple and Podio. Read more