LiveCast: Evolving Hypermedia

September 29, 2021 | 10:00 ET

The power of hypermedia APIs cannot be overstated. In this LiveCast, we’ll consider how to reinvent hypermedia to discover new abilities.

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APIs and Low-code

  • 10:45 AM ET

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LiveCast: Evolving Hypermedia

Learn how to reinvent hypermedia to discover hidden powers.

Hypermedia isn’t always adopted in RESTful API development, but the power of hypermedia APIs cannot be overstated. Hypermedia APIs offer unique ways to control data, link to pertinent information, and orchestrate advanced security mechanisms.

At this LiveCast, we’ll be investigating how to evolve the use of hypermedia for new API use cases. To do so, we’re bringing in Tomasz Pluskiewicz who will present a unique way to build hypermedia APIs; a different approach where everything about an API becomes a resource in its own right. Next, MichaƂ Trojanowski will demonstrate the power of hypermedia APIs in action by showcasing Curity’s Hypermedia Authentication API to drive a sophisticated authentication flow.

Tune in for thoughts on: What is hypermedia? What are some use cases (and net benefits) of using hypermedia? What is its adoption like among HTTP APIs? What are the limits of hypermedia? How can we advance and evolve the hypermedia concept? How can hypermedia-style APIs be used to advance security measures within modern application development?

Nordic APIs LiveCasts are entirely free to attend. We welcome attendees to view in real-time so they may ask questions. Nordic APIs Editor in Chief Bill Doerrfeld will introduce the LiveCast and lead Q&A discussion after our lightning sessions.

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This event is free to attend on Zoom. The session will be recorded and published on YouTube days after the event.

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