Nordic APIs Workshops: Amsterdam

June 12th 2017

Welcome to the 21st Nordic APIs event!

Evolve your API knowledge with hands-on
exercises at our half-day workshops

WS #1 – OAuth & OpenID Connect in Practice

WS #2 – Publish, Connect and Manage APIs

(Discount to the 2017 Platform Summit will be provided at the event)




This Nordic APIs Workshop in Amsterdam on June 12th 2017, will be the 21st in this series of all-API-related events. This half-day event is designed to help Nordic organizations become more efficient, automated, and programmable.

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Workshop #1 – OAuth & OpenID Connect in Practice

We will talk about IT Security focusing on the following:

– OAuth 2.0 flows and Actors
– OpenID Connect
– Token Formats
– Token handling
– Securing an API

Bring your laptop!

In this workshop you will be guided through the concepts behind OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect. These are emerging standards that will define the way the APIs and apps are built the coming decade. No matter if you are building microservices or monolithic APIs, security and identity will impact your decisions… Read more.


Workshop #2 – Publish, Connect and Manage APIs

The developer and admin experience
– How to publish APIs
– How to connect to APIs
– How to manage your APIs

Bring your laptop, and your own API (optional)!

To better understand how APIs function as an interface to your company’s information, we will discuss these topics from the perspective of an API developer as well as the API owner or admin… Read more.

Note! The discount code for the 2017 Platform Summit will be provided at the event

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Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel
Kattengat 1
Amsterdam, Netherlands

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