Publish, Connect and Manage APIs – the developer and admin experience

In short, we will discuss:
– How to publish APIs
– How to connect to APIs
– How to manage your APIs

To better understand how APIs function as an interface to your company’s information, we will discuss these topics from the perspective of an API developer as well as the API owner or admin.

As a developer you want to connect to the API of the owner. But there are different ways to do this. We will explore the role of the API portal and address the different ways to connect to APIs, different security mechanisms and documentation. You will experience first-hand how incorporating information from the API owner into your own API (or app) can benefit you and your end users.

As an API owner and portal administrator you manage APIs and their users. This can become a complex task as API management addresses different challenges in all stages of the API-lifecycle. We will explore how to manage apps, keys, adding and deprecating APIs, and the challenges in exposing what you have to offer as an API owner.

After the workshop you will be able to publish, connect and manage APIs via the portal. To create the ultimate interactive session we invite you to bring your own API! Do you have information you would like to expose securely? Reach out to our workshop host Jan Jaap Zoutendijk via email to become part of this live experiment.

Want to know how to make APIs work for you? Join the workshop and be enabled in the API Economy.

What to bring:

    • Laptop
    • Your own API (optional)

Additional information

The idea behind the workshop is to show: what API owners need to do to publish an API (what materials do they need, what steps need to be taken etc) and what developers run into when trying to connect to an external API. We want to show what makes it easy for developers, what the general process looks like, and what techniques are used to connect. Though many API publishers en API stores work in a similar fashion, we will use the CA API Management solution in our demonstration. We have the most experience with their solution and feel it gives a good representation of a typical API solution.

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