Holland FinTech is driven to accelerate financial innovation through Fintech for accessible, understandable and transparent financial services for all.
The founder of Holland FinTech is Don Ginsel, trained as Civil Engineer, and former banker at ABN AMRO and Deutsche Bank, investor and entrepreneur. During his career in banking, he saw already that banks has been automated step by step, creating an abundance of spaghetti like IT systems. From the perspective of an engineer, this was unsustainable and definitely not competitive with the increasing scalability and lower cost for IT solutions. After leaving banking for Venture Capital, the innovative power of startups and especially Leans Startup drove him to work in the startup scene only. And after realising the surge in FinTech startups, his mission was clear.
Mid 2014, after several months of preparation, Holland FinTech was beginning to take shape. It was becoming clear to a broader audience that venture capital investments in FinTech were surging, and that therefore this was the best time to start convincing the financial industry that change was necessary and inevitable. The opportunity to leverage the surge in FinTech to create better accessible, transparent & understandable financial services was just perfect.
Especially KPMG and payment consultant Innopay supported our initiative from the very beginning as sparring partners and helping to complete the team of founding members with IBM and law firm Van Doorne. These four firms helped shape the company Holland FinTech in its current and laid an important the basis for the members that followed them. Holland FinTech is now still a private firm (Holland FinTech Partners BV) that stands independent for the mission to create a thriving international market place for FinTech, to create better financial services for all.

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