Aarhus and Trondheim Presentations

At the end of May and in early June, we were in Aarhus, Denmark and Trondheim, Norway. It was great to meet with folks in those cities who are building and consuming APIs, and connect with the broader community that is forming around APIs throughout the region. The slides from these events can be found on Slideshare and are included below. Thanks again to all who attended, and ping us on Twitter or in a comment here w/ feedback, questions, thoughts, etc.

Designing an API

My colleague, Jacob Ideskog from Twobo (one of the founders of Nordic APIs) described some of the things to considered when designing an API (e.g., target audience, levels of RESTfulness, aggregation, etc.).

The “Neo-security Stack”

I gave a presentation about something we at Twobo call the “Neo-security Stack,” the suite of protocols that are being combined to provide enterprise-grade API security.

Incorporating OAuth

I also gave a talk about how to incorporate OAuth into a mobile application. In that preso, I described an Android app that uses OAuth to make secure API calls.

Role of Telcom Providers in the API Economy

Sune Jackobsson of Telenor Comoyo talked about the API platform they are building and how APIs are being used to overcome the challenges of device fragmentation and scaling to meet mass market demands.

Importance of APIs in the Internet of Things

Jacob gave a GREAT presentation explaining how the APIs in the telcom space relate to the RESTful services sweeping across other industries. He went on to relate the two with a great call to action for those working in telcom: your device must be a service that participates in broader network transactions. Very insightful talk!

Thanks again to all that joined us. Hope to see you in September for more great presentations like these.