Midsummer means herring, snaps and a 50% discount

On Friday it is Midsummer’s Eve which we in Sweden celebrate with the same food we use for almost all traditional celebrations (i.e. herring) and the same drink as usual (i.e. snaps). Kids wear flowers on their heads and dance around like frogs. In other words we are with family and friends and despite that it will be raining (also according to tradition) we are happy.

To help you all make Midsummer even happier we are offering a time limited discount on the tickets for Nordic APIs 18-19 september in Stockholm of a whopping 50%! We have also extended the early bird special so if you are quick you can get a 50% discount on the early bird price. This means that a ticket goes for 553 SEK or as low as 213 SEK depending on if you are an employee or an independent contractor. That is a really good value for money for a 2 day conference that includes international speakers, parallel tracks of sessions, a demo track and an unconference. Those will be intense 2 days were we guarantee that you will learn a lot of new things and meet lot’s of interesting people.

Get this great deal now by registering using the discount code “midsummer” before Saturday the 22nd of June. Please also spread the word so that more people can take advantage of this time limited offer.

We hope you like our special offer and we wish you all a happy Midsummer!