The 2017 Platform Summit



We invite you to our two and a half-day event, where we'll talk about how to architect and deliver cutting-edge APIs and microservices! What will take APIs to the next level to drive the exceedingly connected digital frontier? Read more...


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Attend The 2017 Platform Summit in Stockholm and learn how to Scale your API Platform, architect and deliver cutting-edge APIs and microservices. As the 2016 Platform Summit focused on architecting and designing APIs, our 3rd Platform Summit will emphasize scaling the entire platform for future growth. In order to respond to increased demands from web, mobile, and Internet of Things applications, APIs must be inherently scalable, agile, as well as built with longevity in mind.

What will take Application Programming Interfaces to the next level to drive the exceedingly connected digital frontier? That’s what we want to know. What innovative architecture can we implement now? What programming methods are ideal for increased capabilities? How will business and marketing respond to unprecedented developers needs?

We welcome speaker sessions that, in their own way, answer how to deliver cutting edge APIs and microservices that scale to the demands of an evolving industry.

At the event we’ll have parallel tracks – one with a developer focus and one with a business focus – so attendees themselves can custom make their session schedule to best fit their needs and likes. Register today to ensure that your place is saved!

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Globe City, Johanneshov
121 77 Stockholm

The venue is very close to the Globen station, on the green line of the Stockholm Subway.