Patrice Krakow

API Platform Architect


Patrice Krakow is currently the lead architect of the new coming API Platform of ING.

After studying Physics at University, he found a job in IT, luckily joining a small IT services company, who specialized in SGML (the grandfather of XML) and were pioneers in loosely-coupled message-based integration.
From 2000, and during more than 10 years, he worked in the packaging industry, managing the cohabitation of EDI and XML by building a virtual team of dedicated integration specialists located across Europe using common platform and a lean methodology.

In 2012, he joined ING Belgium to participate in the implementation of an SOA Architecture. But, he also continued to explore new technologies during his ‘night-shift’, and co-founded an API company based in the Silicon Valley, Eligible. After one year without enough sleep, he decided to keep his day-job in the bank and re-focus, grudgingly, to SOA.

But, in 2015, REST made his journey from the Silicon Valley to the world of big companies, such as Banks, allowing Patrice to continue to explore new technologies during his day-job! Last year, Patrice moved the headquarter of ING in Amsterdam to participate to the platform revolution of ING, leading the design of their new API Platform.