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All You Need to Know About REST API Design

If you study or create APIs in any way, you’ve almost undoubtedly come across the terms REST, RESTful, or REST-like. We often reference REST as a best practice for implementing APIs. But what, exactly, is Representational State Transfer? And what’s the difference between a REST and REST-like API? Read more

5 Affordable API Management Solutions for Startups

API management is the process of building, distributing, and monitoring APIs. The industry has a whole host of tools designed to help in each of these areas, but there’s a lot to be gained by using a single API management solution that tackles them all. Read more

Business Benefits of Integrating With a Rideshare API

The ride-hailing company Uber opened its API for 11 launch partners back in 2014. The results were stunning; companies like Starbucks, Google Maps, OpenTable, and Trip Advisor implemented an Uber call-button into their software products, bringing increased customer satisfaction and many new business opportunities. Read more

Best Practices For Creating Useful API Documentation

API documentation is the key to a useful, usable API. An API could be all-powerful, versatile, and entirely useful, yet it won’t matter one bit if users can’t figure out how to make it work. Creating proper API documentation is an artform in-and-of-itself. Read more

How PropTech APIs Will Disrupt Real Estate

When you think about technological advances like APIs disrupting sectors, real estate and its associated banking processes might not immediately spring to mind. Ivan Nokhrin of BuiltAPI joined us at our 2019 Platform Summit to talk about some of the potential applications of APIs and PropTech (property tech) as they relate to the world of real estate. Read more