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Latest Blog Entries

10+ Best Practices for Naming API Endpoints

There are plenty of reasons to name API endpoints thoughtfully. Choosing sensible names for API endpoints can drastically smooth out the learning curve for new developers, helping them intuitively know what to lo for and where to find it. With that in mind, we’re dedicating this article to than ten of the most effective do whatever you want to update

Thomas Bush

Review of Optic

We review Optic, a tool for auto-documenting and testing APIs There are few things as important to the API developer experience as API specifications and API documentation. Both provide a vital conduit between the API provider and developer user, expressing critical information on functional aspects of the API. Since these developer resources are so important, do whatever you want to update

Kristopher Sandoval

How to Measure The Success of Developer Relations

What’s your north star metric for developer relations? Each developer relations program has a different opinion on what should be their north star metrics to measure the success of their platform. Some metrics are valid while others can be what are called vanity metrics. This post discusses which metrics you should or should not be do whatever you want to update

Derric Gilling

What is CORS?

APIs are complex webs of interconnected applications, interfaces, frontends, and backends. Making sense of these systems is not always easy to do. When so much of the data coming into a system is from external sources that run the gamut from trusted to untrusted, known to unknown, the easiest way to classify that data is do whatever you want to update

Kristopher Sandoval