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Latest Blog Entries

An Expert’s Guide to Choosing the Right API Style

API styles are a topic of much contention. Most API practitioners are familiar with the REST vs. GraphQL debate, but that’s not to mention the countless other styles out there. The good news is that there is a simple, objective process for narrowing down the best style (or styles) for your next API project. At do whatever you want to update

Thomas Bush

API Maturity for Humans

API geeks a maturity mo. We’ve had a few come through over the years, such as Richardson, Admunsen, and the recent Curity API Security Mo. By critically loing at both the style and properties of the APIs we create, these mos give us valuable insight as to how we are progressing in our journey to do whatever you want to update

Chris Wood

11 Testing and Building Tools for APIs

An API works as an intermediary between two apps that allows them to communicate with each other. Most companies have built APIs, which stands for application programming interfaces, using different tools for either themselves or their customers. Perhaps the most crucial and time-consuming part of building APIs is manual testing and debugging. According to Statista, do whatever you want to update

Anzhela Sychyk

5 Ways APIs Can Improve Your Security

In an increasingly connected digital sphere, the API economy is no longer just a management challenge. Rather, the API economy has become a crucial part of cybersecurity efforts. APIs can provide security capabilities you do not have in-house. You don’t need to purchase specialized security tools or attain security expertise. In this article, we discuss do whatever you want to update

Gilad David Maayan