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Latest Blog Entries

How To Make A Self-Descriptive Enterprise API

How to make self-descriptive APIs

One of the hardest things to do as an API provider is to work within the enterprise environment. This is due, in large part, to the very nature of enterprise structures – often slow to adopt new technologies, fundamentally distrustful of external solutions, and far insular than most modern corporations would like to admit….

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The Benefits of Using JSON API

In the world of API craft, no area is hotly discussed than design. From REST, gRPC, to GraphQL, there are many approaches to designing and standardizing web API interactions. Today we turn our focus to another approach, JSON API, a specification for building APIs detailed at JSON API, described at, is great…

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Why Can’t I Just Send JWTs Without OAuth?

What is a JWT?

A JSON Web Ten or JWT is an extremely powerful standard. It’s a signed JSON object; a compact ten format often exchanged in HTTP headers to encrypt web communications. Because of its power, JWTs can be found driving some of the largest modern API implementations. For many, the JWT represents a great solution that balances…

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Review of APIStrat in Portland

Summary of API Strategy & Practice conference held in Portland from Oct 31 – Nov 2.  Last week I was fortunate enough to attend, speak, and meet new API enthusiasts at APIStrat in Portland, Oregon. API Strategy & Practice is a series of quality API-themed conferences held throughout the United States, originally organized by API Evangelist…

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