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Latest Blog Entries

Simplify Identity Lifecycle Management with SCIM

In a growing world of apps, SCIM helps with the struggles of user provisioning Every app developer hopes their app goes viral. Build an app, let it loose, and watch it grow. In the consumer world, apps organically grow in popularity as people . In the enterprise world, however, IT needs tight control over who do whatever you want to update

Arvind Harinder

The Need for an API Composition Layer

Nowadays, you can find web APIs everywhere you lo, and developers create of them each day. On the one hand, that’s a good thing: it shows we’re living in an age of interoperability. On the other hand, the shift towards heavily API-based platforms brings with it severe technical overhead. Developers now face the high do whatever you want to update

Thomas Bush

Recipes for API Ninjas

A global company s its ingredients for a holistic API When businesses decide that they want to become an “API-first company,” the first big step is to create an “API-first strategy.” That involves big discussions around the architectural and technical aspects of building a scalable, reliable, and lightweight API. However, at our 2019 Austin API do whatever you want to update

Art Anthony

Embedded Integration Frameworks: Tips from Shopify, Twitch, and More

Jeremy Glassenberg continues to explore the embedded trend by interviewing top experts From consumer gaming to eCommerce and enterprise supply chain, services are re-introducing the idea of bringing third parties into their interface, opening their developer platforms beyond external APIs. We previously posted an introduction to this current trend, and while there’s to dive do whatever you want to update

Jeremy Glassenberg