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Latest Blog Entries

Technology Spotlight: Introducing RapidQL

What if you could harness the power of queries without making multiple round trips? Alex Walling and the folks over at RapidAPI have answered just that. The development team has churned out a powerful new addition to the query language up—dubbed RapidQL. RapidQL aims to “reduce glue code and improve performance by writing just one do whatever you want to update

Tyler Charboneau

6 Inspiring Examples of Data-Driven Art

Data may come across as entirely academic at first glance. Massive databases of embedded, interlocking spreadsheets don’t exactly spark inspiration or joy, aside from the most dedicated datafile. That means a large swathe of the population, all but the most seasoned data scientists and visualizers, overlo the power and potential that open data can unleash. Luckily, in do whatever you want to update

J. Simpson

Vulcain Review

We review Vulcain, a new protocol using HTTP/2 Server Push to create fast and idiomatic client-driven REST APIs. Developers have been struggling with performance bottlenecks for their web APIs for years. Some web developers were trying to solve the dilemma with asynchronous processing as far as back as 2013. Others have gone on to experiment do whatever you want to update

J. Simpson

6 Writing APIs To Elevate Your Words

Good writing makes the world go ’round. Whether it’s geared towards search engines, used within business-to-business copy, or tags or social media videos, writing is what lets the world know of your existence, as well as what separates you from the seemingly endless sea of competition. In fact, Forbes even calls writing the most important do whatever you want to update

J. Simpson