Adding Stockholm Stop to Tour

Originally, our plan was to only go to Copenhagen, Helsinki, and Oslo during our upcoming tour. As I mentioned the other day though, we got a lot of questions as to why we weren’t also stopping in Stockholm. With all the interest and the great lineup that we were able to assembly, we couldn’t say no. We have decided to kick off the tour in Stockholm on the 31st of March. We’ll start with lunch at 11:30, and the sessions will go till 17:00. We’ll be at SUP46, a cool new spot downtown. With us, we’ll have representatives from Layer 7, Axway, Ping Identity, MuleSoft, Twilio and the World Bank. From our various points of view, we’ll all be discussing the range of openness that APIs have. We’ll be sharing experiences, advice, best practices, tips, and suggestions for those launching private, partner-only, and open APIs.

I really hope you can join. It’s going to be a great event. We have a sale on the tickets till this Friday. If Stockholm is closer than Copenhagen, Helsinki, and Oslo, but still more than 120 KM, we have a special deal for you. We’ll actually buy you a train or airline ticket with each event ticket you purchase! We’re doing this because we’re Nordic APIs not NordicCapitalCities APIs ;-)

Looking forward to meeting you on the 31st of March. Sign up today and see ya there.