Special Commuter Tickets

[Updated: Feb. 26 to clarify that this deal also applies to Stockholm which we recently added to the tour]

At Nordic APIs, we are trying to build a community the encompasses the entire region. This is hard considering how spread out it is. Not everyone lives in the capitals, but we’re only visiting these during our upcoming tour. Last year, we made it to Aarhus, Sundsval, and Trondheim, and we regret not being able to do it again this year. For these reasons, we are offering a special “commuter ticket” for those who have to travel a ways to join us in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki, or Oslo.

A Ticket for a Ticket

Anyone traveling a couple hours to any of the upcoming events, can purchase a commuter ticket. Included with this is a one-way train or airline ticket to any of the three capitals. Yes, that’s right! If you buy a ticket for the Copenhagen, Helsinki or Oslo event and have to travel 120 KM or more to get there, we will purchase your train or airline ticket. We are doing this because we want the entire community to join us.

Deal Details

To be eligible for a commuter ticket, you must:

  • Purchase a ticket for the event
  • Have to travel 120+ KM to attend the event
  • Pay with credit card
  • Contact us a copy of your non-rebookable train or airline ticket receipt

If you do these things, we will reimburse you for the train or airline ticket up to the maximum amount you paid for your event ticket. For example, if you buy an early bird ticket for the Copenhagen event and are traveling from Aarhus, we will pay up to 300 DKK for your train/airline ticket. If you buy a regularly priced ticket for the Oslo event and are coming down from Trondheim, we will reimburse you up to 450 NOK for your train/airline ticket.

We only have 5 of these available per city, so act fact! Register today and Contact us a copy of your train/airline ticket. We’ll credit the money to the card you purchased your event ticket with. That simple :-)

Join the Community

We really hope that this will help bring down any barriers created by the geography of the land we live in. Please come, join the community, and help us make the Nordics more programmable!