Recipes for API Ninjas

Sandip-Dhummad-S&P-Global-Ratings Sandip Dhummad
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Main focus of the talk is to communicate some key concepts of designing/implementing APIs based on an enterprise grade API Standards and Guidelines. We will try to handcraft few API recipes(i.e. implementation design) with real-life examples mixed with a live coding session. While working on each recipe, we will delve into the rationale behind design decisions and best practices. We believe that these concepts will help a developer build a comprehensive API solution from scratch.

We will be covering following Recipes:
Recipe #1 – Build RESTful service.
Recipe #2 – Input data validation.
Recipe #3 – Fetch selected fields only.
Recipe #4 – Filter response by expression.
Recipe #5 – Request results in paginated fashion.
Recipe #6 – Cache API result.
Recipe #7 – Compress API result

Followed by the Recipes, we will show demo covering all standards.

Watch the recorded session:


Austin API Summit 2019


May 14, 2019 03:00