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How to Spark API Adoption With Good Documentation Practices

While almost everyone seems to agree that documentation is of key importance when launching an API, little is said about how it can actually affect API adoption. Jeffrey Hammond, a Principal Analyst at Forrester, claims that “adoption patterns are shifting towards developers,” giving them the power to “block or aid the adoption of software.” This means that a significant way to persuade decision makers to choose your software over your competitors’ is to gain the trust and confidence of developers. Read more

5 Ways APIs will Increase your Revenue

What is the most important thing your business needs? Cash! And how do you get cash? Customers! Without customers, there is no revenue, and the ability to acquire customers is what distinguishes a successful business from a failing one.

In this article, I will show you five ways to increase your business revenue by offering an API that third-party developers can use to build apps and consume your information. Read more