Setting the path for your digital transformation

In order to stay competitive in your professional area, whether it’s Finance/Retail/Manufacturing/Transport/Healthcare or any other vertical, you’ll have to open up access to data in order to enable your digital business. In the disruptive digital economy, companies driven by algorithms are delivering services without even owning the physical assets your business used to be built on. New business models need to align with the fast changing world in which everything is interconnected. API’s are the standard and they need to evolve from an IT technology into a business transformation enabler.

In this talk I will show you

– How at TIBCO we innovate to activate your presence on the ‘Edge’ at the speed of your business. 

– Why we are so well positioned with our background in integration

– What it means to make API Management part of a digital strategy

… a little spoiler, it could make your enterprise — ‘FAST, AGILE & INNOVATIVE’  

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The 2016 Platform Summit


October 25, 2016 10:50