Øredev – Risks and Rewards of Open APIs

Next week it is time for the developer conference Øredev in Malmö, Sweden. During all week there will be courses and presentations aimed at anybody that writes code, especially if you are a Java or .NET coder. Together with Hampus Brynolf from Intellecta Travis Spencer and Andreas Krohn from Nordic APIs will be on stage Thursday October 7th to talk about Open APIs – Risks and Rewards.

In addition to giving an overview of what Open APIs are and can be used for, Andreas will give some hands on advice of how to get started with publishing and consuming APIs. Hampus has used Twitters API extensively to produce Twittercensus -an overview of how Swedes are using Twitter. He will use this as an example of what can be done with Open APIs. Travis is an expert on API Security and will talk about what the risks are and how these can be dealt with with the “neo-security stack” of technologies.

It is not too late to buy tickets to Øredev, in addition to learning more about APIs you can also dig deep into the world of Java, .NET, testing, architecture, databases and lots of other useful subjects. If you do not want to go to Malmö but instead happen to be in Stockholm next week you should check out the Mobile Future and Mobilgalan events. Also do not miss the huge Slush conference in 2 weeks in Helsinki and of course Nordic APIs for Business at Internetdagarna November 26th!