Finally all the videos of the presentations from the Nordic APIs conference in Stockholm in September 2013 are uploaded and available. Sorry for the delay, but we wanted to editing to be of the highest quality and all slides to be visible in the videos. That took some time, but the result was worth waiting for!

You can find all videos at the Nordic APIs YouTube account or in the list below. Do like Dag König from Microsoft and spread your favourite videos and do not forget that Nordic APIs is coming to Internetdagarna to talk about the business of APIs.

Videos from Day 1

  • How Open is Your API Future by Adam DuVander, ProgrammableWeb & SendGrid
  • Developers are People Too! Building a DX based API Startegy by Ronnie Mitra, Layer 7 Technologies
  • Scaling API Re-use, Security, Integration Across Multiple Properties by Peter Logan, Intel
  • Using APIs for Better Business Partnerships by Andy Jones, SOA Software
  • Panel discussion – Business Models in an Internet of Things with Ellen Sundh (Coda Collective), David Henricson Briggs (Playback Energy), Bradford Stephens (Ping Identity), Ronnie Mitra (Layer 7 Technologies) and Adam DuVander (ProgrammableWeb & SendGrid)
  • Protecting your Applications and APIs with Nordic e-IDs by Erik Wahlström, Nexus Technology
  • Evolving from a monolithic to a distributed public API by Matthew Gray, 7digital
  • OAuth and OpenID Connect Deep Dive by Travis Spencer, Twobo Technologies
  • APIs in the public transport industry – what’s next? by Elias Arnestand, Samtrafiken
  • OpenID Connect and its role in Native SSO by Paul Madsen, Ping Identity
  • Being the gentle giant: Supporting API users for the long haul by Matt McClure, Brightcove
  • Bulding Apps with an API-based Backend by Tim Anglade, Apigee
  • An AP(eye) Towards the Revolution by Casey Wilms, Brightcove
  • REST, SOAP, Hypermedia: When, why & how to use what by Tom Burnell, Axway
  • RESTful API design: resources and peace by Jan Ypma, Tradeshift
  • APIs are not a technical challenge by Andreas Krohn, Dopter

Videos from Day 2

  • Identity Management in the Era of Big Data: The Instersection of APIs, Hadoop & IdM by Bradford Stephens, Ping Identity
  • Bulding Neo-security Platforms: Securing APIs using modern standards by Travis Spencer, Twobo Technologies
  • Connecting APIs to Enterprise Mobile App Dev by Peter Logan, Intel
  • Creating a Solid Foundation for API Security by Mads Vanggaard, SOA Software
    *APIs and Performance – The Befores and Afters by Niclas Reimertz, SmartBear
  • How good UI design makes your API better by Kemie Guaida, Dopter
  • Lessons Learned from the Design of the SCIM API by Erik Wahlström, Nexus Technology
  • APIs for Biz Dev 2.0: which business model by Guillaume Balas, 3Scale
  • The Event Horizon – Designing APIs for the Internet of Thigns by Holger Reinhardt, Layer 7 Technologies
  • Forget HTTP by Andrei Neculau, Klarna
  • Making a Brand Programmable by Eva Sjökvist, Absolut Vodka

Thank you all speakers that shared your knowledge with all of us!

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