APIs for fun and profit, and more profit and then some more profit

The conversations about APIs are usually focused on the technical details. However we at Nordic APIs think that APIs are much more than a technical implementation (even if we love the tech!), it is a way to do business. To learn more about the business potential and marketing potential of APIs we are going to host a 1-day track at the Internetdagarna conference in Stockholm november 26th (on the second day of the conference). Presentations will cover API business models, how APIs can be used for very creative marketing, how APIs are disrupting industries and how to use APIs to improve agility and innovation.

Register now and use the discount code IND13 to get the tickets for only 800 SEK/day. Don’t forget to pick “Nordic APIs for Business” day 2. For this price you also get access to the Internetdagarna keynotes, entertainment an more.

Some of the presentations on the Nordic APIs for Business track are:

  • The Disruptive Impact of APIs: How APIs are shifting business – how APIs are disrupting businesses and how to be on the right side of this disruption
  • APIs for Biz Dev 2.0 – Which Business Model? – use innovations in business models and APIs to re-imagine your business
  • Transforming into a Platform for Innovation and Agility – adapt to the trends of mobile, cloud, social, and big data by building a platform for innovation
  • APIs are the New Dial ToneTwilio are disrupting the telecom industry by making telecom services available to anyone, they will present how APIs can be used to quickly add new services to products
  • Opportunities and Risk in API Management – improve adoption of your API, manage the risk and protect your Intellectual Property using API Management solutions
  • The story of Fyndiq’s API – the e-commerce store Fyndiq are using APIs as a fundamental part of their business and this presentation will cover how the API have evolved and how it enabled their rapid growth
  • Introducing the Swedish API License – the presentation of a project to create an open API license (i.e. user agreement) that any business can use to ensure that they are covered legally when publishing an API

Note that the while “Nordic APIs for Business” track will be in English, as will the Internetdagarna keynotes, so do not hesitate to buy tickets even if you are not fluent in Swedish.

See you at Internetdagarna!