Aarhus, Trondheim and Sundsvall in May and June

From the very beginning, our vision for Nordic APIs has been to create a regional community to discuss and learn more about APIs. Because we started in Stockholm and have our big regional event there too, we were very eager to get something going outside Sweden’s capital. Our first foyer outside of Sverige was a quick stint up to Oslo by Andreas and our first full event will be next month in Copenhagen on May 21. We have given out half of our spots for that event already!

Encouraged but not satisfied, we have arranged three more events in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark for this May and June…

Sundsvall, Sweden

Aarhus, Denmark

Trondheim, Norway

Before Midsummer, we will have visited most of the Nordics. If we don’t reach Finland, Iceland, and the other territories before the big, regional event, we have set aside some tickets for attendees from all the Nordic countries. This will ensure that the community encompasses all of us even if we don’t make a complete tour during this year’s pre-event cycle.

Speakers and Other Support

As you can see if you follow those links above, we have 2 speaking spots to fill for Sundsvall, 2 for Aarhus, and 2 for Trondheim. We are also keen to make room in the Copenhagen agenda for another Dane besides Mads. Though the agenda on the regional event isn’t quite up to date, the speaking spots are filling up fast. We have some room there too though, especially for Scandinavians. If you’re interested in filling any of those, send us info about yourself and what you’d like to share.

Also, we would welcome others that would like to join us in building this community through sponsorship of one of these events. We have numerous opportunities available, so let us know if sponsorship is of interest. If you’d like to help us arrange a meetup or pre-event in your city (especially if you are in Finland or Iceland!), contact us on Twitter or drop us a line.

More Announcements Soon

I think you can tell that we’re pretty gung ho on all this, and we’ll announce a couple other meetups and conferences soon. Till then, join the conversation on Twitter, let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and register for Copenhagen, Sundsvall, Aarhus, Trondheim, and/or Stockholm while we have space!