Nordic APIs coming to Copenhagen (and Oslo)

The plan with Nordic APIs all along is to make it a Nordic series of events. So far we have 3 planned events in Stockholm, but as most people know the Nordics are just a little bit bigger than Stockholm is, so we are glad to announce that we are coming to Copenhagen in May. We will also do a little quick visit in Oslo already this week.


On May 21st there will be a half-day event starting around lunch with speakers from DopterTwobo TechnologiesPing Identity, Jayway and others. An overview of the Nordic API market, API security and identity as well as hypermedia APIs are just a few of the topics that will be covered.

Check out our site for all the details about the Copenhagen Nordic APIs event or go and register straight away. We are really looking forward to seeing you all in Copenhagen.

We are looking for sponsors and speakers for the Copenhagen event, if you are interested then please contact us.


One of the main organisers of Nordic APIs, Andreas Krohn at Dopter (also the author of this post), will be at the Utviklerkveld @meteorologisk institutt in Oslo tomorrow Tuesday March 5th. In addition to making a presentation about “20 APIs in 20 minutes” (includes several APIs you are guaranteed never to have heard about) he will also dole out discount codes for the big 2 day Nordic APIs conference this fall. If you are in Oslo please come by and let’s talk APIs.

It is not quite an official Nordic APIs event in Norway, but it is a warm up for one.