Earlier this week Nordic APIs were at Internetdagarna in Stockholm to host a full day about the business side of APIs. During the day we learned about business models, what to do and what not to do, how to use APIs in creative marketing, how companies adapt to a world full of APIs and a lot more. Here are all the videos of all the presentations, enjoy!

  • The Disruptive Impact of APIs: How APIs are shifting business by Andreas Krohn from Dopter
  • APIs for Biz Dev 2.0 – Which Business Model? by Mark Cheshire from 3scale
  • Transforming into a Plattform for Innovation and Agility by Travis Spencer from Twobo Technologies
  • APIs are the new Dial Tone by Ben Nunney from Twilio
  • Opportunities and Risk in API Management by Tom Burnell from Axway
  • What Facebook, Twitter and Netflix didn’t tell you by Andy Jones from SOA Software
  • APIs – a part of the Creative Pallet by Arvid Dyfverman from Deportivo
  • Introducing the Swedish API License by Andreas Krohn and Anna Mirsch from the Swedish API License project
  • Panel: Adapting to an API Enabled World with Joakim Skog from Bisnode, Kenneth Verlage from PostNord, Travis Spencer from Twobo Technologies and moderated by Mark Boyd from ProgrammableWeb
  • The Story of Fyndiq’s API by Micael Widell from Fyndiq

A huge thanks to Axway, Twilio, 3scale and SOA Software for sponsoring the event and making it possible. Also a huge thanks to all speakers and attendees. Without your support we could not have done it!

For even more videos from earlier Nordic APIs events check out our Youtube account. Also follow @nordicapis on Twitter to not miss anything about upcoming events.

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