Ivan Nokhrin is a visionary entrepreneur at the helm of BuiltAPI, a low-code integration platform for technologies in the built environment. Ivan is building a global network of industry professionals. Under his leadership, BuiltAPI has grown from idea stage to a team of 12 professionals who successfully implemented digital data hubs for leading European asset managers, managing over EUR 70 billion in assets, and established collaboration with multiple innovative proptech firms.

With two decades of experience, Ivan possesses profound expertise in B2B business processes within the real estate sector. His career highlights include instrumental roles at Aberdeen Asset Management, where he played a key part in launching a EUR 1.5 billion investment fund, and Sberbank, a major European bank, where he specialized in non-performing loans. Ivan also made significant contributions at Jensen Group, managing a diverse portfolio of 17 assets totaling EUR 500 million.

In 2012, Ivan co-founded Exquance, a groundbreaking proptech startup. From its inception, he drove its success by establishing foreign operations, securing funding, and assembling a stellar team of executives. Since then, Ivan has continued his entrepreneurial journey, co-founding several proptech startups across Finland, Germany, and Sweden. These ventures span digital-first real estate, interoperable ecosystems, integration platforms, and AI-driven risk management and valuation.

Known for his extensive network, Ivan maintains valuable connections with technology professionals, startup entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists in the thriving proptech market. He has played a pivotal role in establishing a national proptech accelerator and venture investment manager in Russia, assisting numerous companies in setting up and expanding their proptech businesses.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Ivan finds joy in his family life. He is 41 years old, happily married with four children. With offices in Helsinki and Frankfurt, he embraces a range of hobbies, including reading, programming, swimming, and indulging his passion for writing and recording music.

In summary, Ivan Nokhrin is a forward-thinking entrepreneur spearheading BuiltAPI’s success in the realm of real estate technologies. His exceptional leadership, extensive network, and expertise in venture portfolio management have positioned him as a driving force in the proptech landscape.

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