How APIs Help Buildings Learn

The presentation “How APIs Help Buildings Learn” emphasizes the importance of APIs in transforming buildings into interconnected, adaptive entities, nodes in mesh networks of cities.

Inspired by Stuart Brand’s influential work “How buildings learn”, I will elaborate on the significance of buildings’ adaptability over time. I will explain that a building’s success hinges upon its ability to accommodate unforeseen and changing uses and functions, especially relevant in the post-pandemic office sector. I will talk about the importance of understanding how buildings respond to occupants’ behaviors and preferences, considering that humans spend approximately 90% of their time indoors.

APIs are crucial in gathering data and analyzing behavioral patterns within buildings. I will make a claim that APIs empower buildings to adapt faster by facilitating data-driven decisions, optimizing energy consumption, automating maintenance processes, and creating flexible spaces that can be repurposed as needed. I will explore the convergence of real estate and technology, enabling data-driven decisions for energy optimization, maintenance automation, and flexible spaces.

I will speak about how APIs support Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals, promoting sustainability. Leveraging APIs empowers the transition towards smart, efficient, and sustainable urban environments.

Smarter Tech Decisions Using APIs

Smarter Tech Decisions Using APIs

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