Asbjørn Ulsberg

Business Architect, Web & Interfaces


Web Architect, Programmer, Geek, Father and Demoscener

Web technology expert and architect with a broad experience in developing, designing and managing a wide variety of systems, from web to desktop applications. Specialized in web technologies such as HTTP and architectural principles like REST and Hypermedia as well as more general software engineer best practices such as Domain Driven Design, Event Sourcing and Test Driven Development.

I consider myself a full stack developer and architect knowing everything from the gritty details of database optimization to how a large software system should be designed to scale both for the size of the codebase and the load of the users and all the way up to how front-end techniques like Single Page Applications (via Angular, Aurelia, etc.) and CSS shapes work.
I enjoy open source development and am involved in a lot of different projects on GitHub.