Mistakes to Avoid When Building API Products

Rahul Dighe PayPal Rahul Dighe

I have had the unique opportunity over the past few years to work on multiple API initiatives and observe and learn from several seasoned API practitioners. In the past we have heard leading practitioners talk about:

  • How we should follow an API First approach
  • Think of API-as-a-Product
  • Developers as your customers
  • Design First vs Code First
  • API Governance.

However, I continue to notice time and again that the overall Developer Experience when it comes to using APIs continue to have gaps that are unaddressed. Even after religiously following all of the best practices, one still ends up with a poor API design and strategy. This talk aims to showcase learnings that I have gathered either building APIs or witnessing others and what API practitioners need to do take their APIs to the next level.


The 2019 Platform Summit


October 22, 2019 13:40