Emulators as an Emerging Best Practice for API Providers

Modern software leverage a lot of external APIs, which raises several issues: how can development teams safely build and test their software when some components they rely on keep evolving. The industry proposes two main strategies to circumvent these challenges: API Mocking, and Service Virtualization. Both of these strategies have pro and cons. API emulators come as an emerging 3rd option.

Throughout the presentation, I’ll explain the motivation behind API emulators, in the perspective of DevOps, CI/CD, Development Processes, and Serverless/Microservices architectures.
I’ll illustrate the talk with two emulators we designed and built at Cisco DevNet: Mini-Webex for the Webex Teams REST API, and Tropo-Ready: an Emulator for Cisco Serverless Telephony platform. I’ll finally dive into the details of the process to create such emulators.



Austin API Summit 2019


May 14, 2019 11:30


Grand Salon 8