Designing Evolvable APIs for the Web

Pedro Felix
Lisbon Polytechnic Institute

Creating a simplistic Web API with a couple of resources that support the common HTTP methods and use custom JSON representations is now a rather easy task with the majority of frameworks these days. However, the real challenges of developing and evolving a production grade API that harnesses the power of the Web are beyond these first steps. How do I properly use HTTP as an application protocol? How do I design and evolve the output representations? Namely, what are the benefits of hypermedia and of recent proposals such as HAL, Siren, Collection+JSON or JSON-LD? How do I control the accesses to the API, namely based on the identity of the requesters, eventually provided by external providers? How do I document the Web API, namely what are the roles of description formats such as Swagger?

In this session, Pedro will address these and other questions related to the evolution of Web APIs. Attendees will leave with practical advice and new information about emerging standards and best practices that they can use to grow their API over time.




May 12, 2015 15:30


25 mins