The Business of API Platforms

3 presentations, 20 minutes each, followed by a 15 minute panel debate with the speakers.

The Five API Platform Monetization Models (Rob Zazueta, Intel)
The best API platforms align with and drive forward the goals of the business, but tying revenue to the API has been a challenge. When developing your API program, you need to consider how you will measure its success, not only in terms of the number of calls made or developers onboarded, but in how it moves the needle for the business as a whole. Rob Zazueta, Director of Platform Strategy at Intel Mashery, will introduce the five basic models for API monetization. In this talk he will discuss the strategy behind each of them, explain how they can be implemented and provide the key performance indicators you’ll need to measure your success

Industrial Internet and APIs – platformication: a match made in heaven? (Marko Pitkänen, Descom)
Industrial Internet and API -platformication fits together and actually it seems that we can’t implement System of Systems without easy to consume API:s. A walktrough of the essential steps towards the API Platform based on my experience within the Finnish manufacturing organizations.

Presentation 3 – TBA


Platform Summit


October 21, 2014 10:30


1:15 hours