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Bill Conrad Doerrfeld is an API specialist, focusing on API economy research and marketing strategy for developer programs. He is the Editor in Chief for Nordic APIs, and formerly Directory Manager & Associate Editor at ProgrammableWeb. Follow him on Twitter, visit his personal website, or reach out via email.

  • László Miklósik

    Very nice article and presentation!

    The talk mentions “JSON schemas” and I was wondering if it’s in the roadmap of the IETF specification group (for SCIM 2.0 at least) to define the SCIM API more concretely (Schemas + Resources + Operations), for example using OpenAPI (formerly known as Swagger, details here: )?

    This contract-first approach would be extremely useful, because it would allow generating both server-side stubs and working SCIM clients in multiple programming languages. This would definitely bring more widespread adoption. An example I found is here:

    I also wrote a similar yaml files for our case, and while doing so I discovered many points from the specification which leave room for interpretation. Probably writing such a descriptor is a very good way to the check the specification itself.