Introducing Nordic APIs

The web is now programmable, with APIs enabling developers to build new creative solutions quickly. APIs are changing industries, APIs are the basis for almost every mobile app. APIs are changing the ways companies work internally, how they are marketing themselves and how they are making money.

All across the Nordic countries government agencies are starting to provide Open Data and APIs and more and more Nordic companies are waking up to the potential of these technologies. With Nordic APIs we are planning several conferences focusing on APIs and Open Data all around the Nordic countries. By sharing experiences, listening to international experts and discussing trends, the business of APIs and the technology we can all make better APIs and make better use of APIs.

Nordic APIs is a jointly organised by Andreas Krohn at Dopter and Travis Spencer at Twobo Technologies. Both of us have years of experience from a host of different API projects and we have both individually been thinking about arranging an API focused conference for a while. Now we do it together and we are excited to see how far we can take this. We think that the Nordic countries are on the verge of an API revolution, and we want to be part of making that happen

Join us for our first half-day event in Stockholm in March as well as two full days in Stockholm in September. Also keep your eyes open for events that we hope to announce soon. Follow @nordicapis on Twitter to not miss any news.