Top 10 Hotel APIs: A Comprehensive Overview To Find Your Best Fit

Top 10 Hotel APIs: A Comprehensive Overview To Find Your Best Fit

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Application programming interfaces (APIs) are now key to success in most industries, including travel. As Forbes pointed out in 2022, businesses that use APIs have seen their value jump by more than 12% over a four year research period. This is a clear sign of how indispensable APIs are. Moreover, research conducted by Cloudflare in 2021 also disclosed a significant 21% surge in API data.

APIs simplify the process of transferring and retrieving data to ensure smooth and efficient operations. Using APIs not only enhances operational efficiency but also improves the customer experience by providing accurate and up-to-date information. And as the travel industry continues to evolve, APIs will play an even more crucial role for the success of businesses in the hospitality sector.

Therefore, we have listed the top ten hotel APIs that meet all kinds of hotel data needs. These hotel APIs provide various services, such as real-time booking information, room availability, pricing data, and customer reviews. They are designed to integrate seamlessly with different travel and booking platforms, making them a vital tool for travel agents, hoteliers, and online travel agencies. So, read ahead to discover the top ten hotel APIs and explore the services they provide.

1. Makcorps

Makcorps shines when it comes to hotel APIs. They’ve got something special for hotel chains, online travel agencies, and the travel business crowd. What’s cool about their Hotel API is that you can get the latest hotel price comparison data in JSON format from 200+ online travel agencies with just one GET request. This is a big deal for anyone in the biz who wants to keep their prices sharp and competitive.

The perks of using Makcorps API are pretty neat. First off, you can keep an eye on those less-known websites to stay one step ahead of the competition. Then, there’s the smart move of rolling out discounts at the right time, based on what you’re making and what others are charging, to really pull in those bookings.

In addition, MakCorps has a range of subscription plans, including a 30-day trial. Their pricing is clear-cut and flexible, so whether you’re a big player or just starting, there’s likely a plan that fits your needs.

2. Tripadvisor Content API

Tripadvisor Content API could be a game-changer for a whole bunch of folks, including search engines, car navigation systems, lifestyle brands, travel agencies, reputation managers, tourist boards, app developers, travel sites, hotels, and restaurants.

Here’s a straightforward breakdown of its key features:

  • Worldwide content at your fingertips: This API hooks you up with a ton of content from TripAdvisor. We’re talking about reviews, photos, and the inside scoop from over eight million spots around the globe.
  • Easy integration: It slides right into your website or app to make things super smooth for your users.
  • Massive data trove: You get your hands on a goldmine of data —over one billion reviews and opinions in 29 languages.
  • Built for the big leagues: If your site gets a lot of visitors, no sweat. This API can handle the crowd and grow with you.
  • Wallet-friendly: Start off with 5,000 free API calls each month. If you need more, you only pay for what you use.

In the digital era, nearly every business has an online presence. The real trick to nailing success is keeping your users engaged and interested in what you’re offering. This isn’t just about visits but also about turning those visits into solid results. And that’s where the TripAdvisor API comes into play. It offers the crucial data you can use to keep them hooked, which can transform your conversion rates.

3. Expedia Hotel API

Also known as EPS Rapid, this API is a real gem for a wide range of players like airlines, travel agencies, and consumer brands. What’s great about EPS Rapid is how it nails the whole hotel booking game — from the moment you start looking till the final click on payment.

EPS Rapid hooks you up with a whopping 700,000 places to stay. It offers a huge variety, from your regular hotels to unique spots like treehouses. Plus, it’s smart about locations, with over 400,000 geography definitions, so travelers find the perfect spot with no sweat. It’s got something for every kind of traveler, be it for work, family vacations, budget trips, or even those luxury splurges.

In addition to that, EPS Rapid has over 13 million property images and 7.5 million room images, all with handy captions to give you the whole picture. Boasting over 75 million traveler ratings and 58 million reviews, this wealth of feedback is invaluable in building trust. Such an extensive collection of user experiences greatly aids your customers in making well-informed decisions. This not only increases their satisfaction but also enhances the chances of them recommending your services.

Tech-wise, EPS Rapid is built with a RESTful API that’s flexible and easy to work with. The API paths and URLs are straightforward, so you get the data you need without fuss. Plus, Expedia’s got your back with excellent partner support and developer tools. They’ve got a whole site packed with API details to make integration a breeze.

4. Amadeus Hotel Search API

Since 1987, the Amadeus IT Group has been a leading innovator in the travel industry and has significantly improved the travel experiences of countless individuals. The Amadeus Hotel Search API stands out due to its comprehensive and customizable search functionality.

It’s not only a vast database of over 150,000 hotels globally. What makes it exceptional is its ability to deliver personalized search results. Users can apply various filters, such as specific hotel chains, desired facilities, and budget constraints. This flexibility ensures that it meets travelers’ diverse needs and preferences, making the search for the ideal hotel stay both efficient and user-friendly.

This API divides its functionality into three user-friendly processes:

  • Hotel discovery: Identifies the most cost-effective hotels in your chosen city for offering a budget-friendly start to your search.
  • Detail exploration: Offers comprehensive information about room types and amenities to enrich the decision-making process.
  • Real-time pricing: Provides up-to-date pricing for selected rooms to ensure access to current and accurate information.

This structured approach helps travel agency customers and booking portal users with essential data for well-informed hotel booking decisions.

5. Sabre API

Sabre offers two different APIs with robust capabilities and extensive data access for hotel booking and management. Sabre’s Hotel List API is a versatile tool in their Content Services for Lodging suite. It’s perfect for getting a bird’s-eye view of up to 5,000 hotels. Whether you need basic details like hotel names, brands, or amenities, this API has you covered. It’s a gem for integrating a broad hotel search function into booking systems to provide rich information on various properties.

For those who need more detail, Sabre’s Hotel Content API is a great option. This API focuses on delivering in-depth descriptions and visual content for up to 50 Sabre hotel IDs. It’s a treasure trove of information, including amenities, location specifics, transportation details, and much more. It also offers a wide range of images in various sizes, categorized meticulously. Ideal for applications that require detailed insights into hotel properties, this API enhances the user experience in hotel booking and information platforms.

6. Priceline Hotel API

When it comes to equipping your travel business with top-notch booking services, Priceline’s Partner Network (PPN) provides a Hotel API worth considering. This gem is part of PPN’s collection that also includes flight and car rental services, and it really shines with its efficiency and comprehensive content.

Priceline’s Hotel API makes the booking process a breeze. It cleverly separates the more static stuff like hotel names, detailed descriptions, and review ratings from the fluctuating booking details. You can access this data and then use it to give your customers a complete picture of what they’re booking with images and in-depth descriptions.

In addition to the data, efficiency is where this API really stands out. It helps to speed up the booking process. Plus, there’s an effective feature for change discovery, so your listings always have the latest hotel info. Moreover, this API is a wizard at handling lots of data. Thanks to its resume_key feature, you can fetch data in manageable chunks, making it a breeze to manage even huge amounts of hotel data.

7. Google Hotel API

As part of Google’s broader array of travel-related APIs, it offers a complete solution for accessing and managing hotel data. The nice thing about Google Hotel API is that it links up smoothly with Google Hotel Center. That means you can grab hotel data and update it without any hassle. It’s super handy for businesses that have a lot of hotels to keep track of. Plus, it offers essential hotel details such as pricing and availability. This is great for travel companies that want to give their customers a plethora of choices and updated information.

There’s more, too. This API lets you do a bunch of things like making new hotel listings, changing details about hotels, and sorting bookings. This is important for keeping your hotel info up-to-date and accurate. One of the best parts is that it works well with other Google services, like Google Hotel Ads. This means you can get your hotel ads in front of the right people more efficiently, which is a big plus for your marketing game.

8. APItude by Hotelbeds

Hotelbeds offers a powerful API solution for many hotel-related functionalities with its Booking, Content, and Cache APIs. With the help of the Booking API, hotel booking functionality can easily be integrated into applications to facilitate customers booking hotels on the fly. The Content API provides rich sets of hotel content regarding facility, service, or room images, which help users make better decisions.

The process of accessing these APIs is quite easy. It includes registration for a free API key and completion of the profile to meet commercial requirements. In addition, the users are required to get certified to ensure that XML integration is done properly with the assistance from API experts. Finally, the users can go live, generating real bookings and making business. These APIs benefit developers who want to integrate comprehensive hotel booking and content services in their apps to provide a seamless user experience.

9. Hotel API API is known for its extensive features and unique access rights. It’s mainly available only for Connectivity Partners or hotel owners on the platform, and it’s a game-changer for managing key details like availability and pricing directly on

If you want to get your hands on this API, you’ve got to be a Connectivity Partner. This means you’ve got to meet certain criteria and go through a pretty thorough approval process. Once you’re in, you can integrate the API into your website or app, making hotel management work much smoother. Hotel API provides these specific services:

  • Guest Review API: This is for property owners to peek at and respond to reviews on Just a heads-up, though — you can’t show these reviews on other websites.
  • Rates and Availability API: This feature lets users tweak room availability, set prices, and manage booking restrictions for their properties listed on
  • Reservations API: This one’s a real lifesaver for reservation management. It allows users to keep an eye on, confirm, change, and stay updated about cancellations of bookings.
  • Affiliate API: This is more inclusive and open to a bunch of folks like travel bloggers and independent agents. It lets them integrate’s customer interface into their websites and even earn some cash for each booking made through it.

Although doesn’t charge for API access, it is only available for approved partners. They’ve set limits so that the API runs smoothly and efficiently.

10. Travelo Pro

Hotel Content API is part of Travelo Pro’s Travel Content Management System. It’s ideal for travel agencies and tour operators aiming to boost their online footprint. The API has an intuitive interface for all technical skill levels. In addition to that, this API offers extensive content management tools that help to streamline bookings, handle reviews, and oversee supplier relationships.

The design of this API has been crafted with SEO optimization at its core, aiming to elevate your website’s visibility. It also integrates effortlessly with various social media platforms, opening up wider marketing avenues. The flexibility of the API’s design ensures it can be smoothly incorporated into your existing website layouts and promotes a responsive and engaging online experience for users.

Moreover, it supports features like multi-user access and role-based authorization, vital in fostering a collaborative and effective work environment. This makes it a cost-efficient and powerful solution for travel businesses looking to enhance their digital presence.


Wrapping up our journey through the world of top-notch hotel APIs, it’s evident that each one brings something unique to the table to meet the varied demands of the travel industry business. Whether it’s a hunt for the most extensive hotel listings, a quest for the easiest interfaces, or cutting-edge booking features, these APIs make up a go-to toolbox for boosting your digital offering. Many also provide hotel data, such as pricing, reviews, and additional content.

Think of this article as your guide to explore each API’s special features. It’s like having a map that helps you find what you need. When you understand what each API offers, you’ll find the one that really helps your business stand out and succeed in this fierce, competitive market.