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Building APIs on the JVM Using Kotlin and Spark – Part 1

When you start a new API project, one of the first questions to answer is what programming language to use. Picking the right one can make all the difference. Some languages help solve certain problems while others inhibit solutions. Even after a language is chosen and tens-of-thousands of lines of code have been written, there is the possibility of reducing complexity by using new languages on the same runtime. Read more

A Tale of Four API Designs: Dissecting Common API Architectures

In the world of APIs, the way we design and implement code is of paramount importance. Starting development without a proper architectural design perspective, approach, or consideration could lead to unneeded redundancy, complexity, and purposeless constraints. By implementing one of several common design architectures, however, we can guide our API style in a more cohesive direction, decreasing development time, increasing developer efficiency, and creating a streamlined API life cycle. Read more

All slides from Nordic APIs Sundsvall

In the end of May Nordic APIs came to Sundsvall for a half day about APIs and open data. Since the event was in Swedish the rest of the post will also be in Swedish… (sorry for all you non-Swedish speakers)

Det nordligaste Nordic APIs hittills (och några dagar till innan det är dags för Nordic APIs Trondheim) var lyckat med presentationer om API-trender, öppna data i offentliga sektorn och om hur man publicerar data framgångsrikt. Read more