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Moving to the Cloud? How to Secure APIs on AWS, Azure, and GCP

Cloud migration enables organizations to move their workloads and network components to private or public cloud infrastructure. The connection between on-premises workloads and cloud infrastructure is usually established via the use of APIs. During this process, data is in-transit and highly vulnerable to attacks. Read more

Making Sense of a Multi-Cloud API Approach

API gateways are nothing new. They’ve been helping API developers bring multiple APIs together for years, and we’ve previously written about their value in a microservices architecture.

But the ability to manage multiple APIs across different Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), as well as production and development environments, in one place? Read more

5 Affordable API Management Solutions for Startups

API management is the process of building, distributing, and monitoring APIs. The industry has a whole host of tools designed to help in each of these areas, but there’s a lot to be gained by using a single API management solution that tackles them all. Read more

The Differences Between Gateway, Microgateway, and Service Mesh

We compare the benefits and drawbacks to 3 key API management styles

APIs are complex. Each component would be complex on its own, but when these APIs communicate with one another, this complexity is only compounded. Add in external clients, and you have an intricate web of cross-communicating codebases, competing paths for information, and separate sources of truth. Read more

What Is an API Gateway?

If you’re not an API practitioner, you may not be too comfortable with the idea of an API gateway. Following up on our recent article What Is the Difference Between APIs and Microservices?, we wanted to demystify another daunting API topic for the less technically oriented audience. Read more