Postman is the most complete API Development Environment available, used by 5 million API developers worldwide.

Postman supports every aspect of API development, including design & mock, debugging, automated testing, documentation, monitoring, and publishing. Postman is an integral part of API development in the best technology teams in the world, including Atlassian, VMware, PayPal, and Docusign.

The Postman free app was created as a side project, and first introduced in October 2012. It grew quickly to become one of the most popular apps on the Chrome store, and expanded to Mac, Windows, and Linux native apps. Today we have 5 million developers using our apps, worldwide. In 2014, we started the company to support the free app and develop more extensive features for a Saas product, now known as Postman Pro (introduced in 2016), and Postman Enterprise (introduced in 2018). People know us as Postman, but we also answer to our formal company name, Postdot Technologies.