Kumar Kandaswamy

VP of Ecosystem Development


Kumar Kandaswamy is the VP of Ecosystem Development for RapidAPI which is the world’s largest API marketplace with thousands of APIs and over 500,000 developers. Kumar is a serial platform builder and intrapreneur for over 12 years encompassing eBay, Best Buy, Chegg among others. Kumar’s platform journey began in 2006 when he joined eBay and was responsible for the eBay Developers Program. eBay was the first in the market to launch public APIs in November 2000 and its 3rd party developer ecosystem accounts for over 20% of its business – $19 Billion out of its overall $84 Billion Global GMV in 2016. At Best Buy, he was responsible for driving their ecommerce product strategy and API-based emerging business initiatives where the team he built from scratch delivered the first $100 Million revenue in less than 20 months. At Chegg, he developed their open platform strategy and roadmap which was a critical part of taking Chegg through the IPO process and successfully delivered the strategic partnerships with Coursera and internships.com.