Kshitij Mehrotra

Principal Digital Architect


Kshitij is an expert and thought leader in “Digital Transformation” with extensive experience in API, Cloud, Analytics, Security, SOA, ESB, BAM and BPM. He has been instrumental in helping Axway customers achieve digital success by recommending the right architecture and validating strategic investment into a variety of technologies most relevant to the customers requirements.

Kshitij shares his experience with customers helping them shape “Enterprise Integration” and highlighting pit falls that could effect the implementation as well as identifying the digital tools and technologies to make sure that the program is aligned with the “Businesses Strategy”.

Active Blogger and Speaker, Kshitij Mehrotra is Axways Principal Architect for Digital engagements. He has more then 15 years of experience in implementing solutions across the world and has successfully delivered large and complex Digital and SOA solutions to Fortune 500 companies.

Kshitij has led middleware programs for renowned organisations including; Oracle Consulting, Wipro and HCL Axon.