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Alan Glickenhouse

API Business Strategist


Alan Glickenhouse is the API Business Strategist on the API Connect offering management team. Alan assists clients with their business and IT strategy for Digital Transformation and the API Economy. Starting with an understanding of the client’s business direction, IT strategy, and existing environment (both business and technical), Alan helps businesses successfully adopt a digital transformation and API strategy that fits their environment. He meets clients in all industries, all geographies, and of all sizes and brings knowledge of best practices shared with and by these businesses. Alan is the author of over 100 papers, articles and videos. He can communicate at both the business and IT level and explain both why and how a business will benefit from IBM solutions.

Alan joined IBM in 1981 and has held numerous positions including Sales, Technical Sales, Marketing, Development, and Technical Support. Previously Alan has held worldwide leadership positions as a member of the Global Business Integration Tiger team, SOA Tiger team, WebSphere SWAT team, and Worldwide SOA Sales Executive. Alan is a frequent speaker at many industry conferences on such topics as Digital Transformation, API Economy, API Management, Strategy, Governance, and IBM products and capabilities.

Alan has an A.B. from Vassar College in Computer Mathematics and has several certifications.