Your API Strategy: Why Boring is Best

Martin-buhr-tyk Martin Buhr
Tyk Technologies Ltd

Put down your buzzword bingo cards. Martin Buhr, Creator and CEO of Tyk API Management Platform, is here to tell you why boring really is best when it comes to your API Strategy.

In a tech world that’s brimming with modern technologies (each pushed as the next best thing to watching a couple argue in public), Martin makes his case for simple over sensational when it comes to managing your APIs.

In his 20 minute polemic – ahem, we mean talk, he’ll make you embrace the mundane, savour the humdrum, and see beauty in the blah.

With a tech talk that promises to throw a little history, pop culture, and, most likely, philosophy into the day’s API discussions, it will be nothing if not entertaining. So here’s to boring, but not being bored.


The 2018 Platform Summit


October 23, 2018 14:00