REST or not

Your HTTP-based API is not RESTful (Jakob Mattsson, FishBrain)
Many developers mock RPC-interfaces, SOAP and the like. Instead they go on to build “RESTful” HTTP interfaces using descriptive URLs and HTTP verbs to standardize actions. They document their URLs and the actions that can be taken on each of them as their API. Finally they build applications consuming these interfaces based on the API spec. The above is *not* REST. It’s RPC all over again.

What everyone forgets is the design principle of “hypermedia as the engine of application state”. This talk will attempt to shed some light on this principle and share a few ideas for working with it in practice.

Perspectives matter – deliver value with Hypermedia (Dimitrios Tydeas Mengidis, TaxiBeat)
Building API for an existing application or applying “API first” development, I have found myself designing API from a misleading perspective. Focused on solving the problem, soon the concerns of the caller were quickly forgotten. Misunderstanding the purpose of an API ended up giving our consumers a bad time.
An API should be designed from the perspective of the caller. A Hypermedia design can empower the product “value” delivered within the API and approximate the value a user, who interacts with a UI, gets. During this presentation I would like to touch on the subject of common pitfalls that lead us to design an API from the wrong perspective, to reference types of our potential clients and provide examples on how hypermedia could help us honor our business.

Presenation 3 TBD


Platform Summit


October 21, 2014 15:40


1:15 hours