The Next Challenge for API Management – Real-Time on the Edge

Peter-Hughes-Push Peter Hughes
Push Technology

Today, technology and business teams are focused on information management for distributed data sources. Organizations face the challenge of harnessing constantly expanding and evolving data sources and the complex ecosystem in which they reside. As event-based applications and real-time systems become fundamental to new business opportunities, there is a clear need yet to be addressed: Real-Time API Management. Traditional API Management tools provide ways to help unify and normalize distributed data sources, but these tools are fundamentally built around polling-based resources (e.g. REST and SOAP) – an approach that is incompatible with the requirements for processing live data. In the diverse ecosystems of today’s digital world, architectures can include any combination of polling-based, event-based, and bespoke infrastructures – often with perplexing integration requirements. Businesses require a platform that delivers the operational benefits of API Management and is designed to handle the unique interactions of real-time. Real-Time API Management can manage, optimize, secure, and distribute live data, no matter the origin – providing intelligence on the network edge and a single source of truth for an organization’s information. This presentation will address the technological challenges businesses face and present a variety of use cases in financial services, eGaming, transportation, and IoT.


The 2019 Platform Summit


October 23, 2019 14:00