Taming Feral Systems With APIs in Region Östergötland’s Digitalisation Platform

Kimmo_Ulltjarn Kimmo Ulltjärn
Region Östergötland

Caregivers often have many “unofficial” healthcare IT-related systems and a growing number of external apps that meet important business needs but have vulnerable management or limited (sometimes non-existent) integration that lead to double documentation and make coordination difficult. The phenomenon is called “feral systems”. Even for health care providers with a strategy of trying to collect patient data into a few centrally decided and managed systems, we believe it is better to find ways to “tame” the feral systems than to try to eradicate hunting. The lecture shows how we want to support businesses that see a need for tailor-made solutions for things that are not adequately addressed by the main systems, with the help of various parts of the Östergötland Digitalisation Platform (RÖD).


The 2019 Platform Summit


October 23, 2019 14:20