Solving Real World Tech Problems with API Management – Part 2

Note: This is one of two workshops hosted by Tyk. By purchasing a ticket to Tyk’s workshop, you are free to attend both workshops, or just one of them if you so wish. Read about Part 1 of the workshop here..

After taking a short break it’s time to get our hands dirty and start tackling our tech problems in real time with the help of Tyk’s custom middleware.

In this hands-on technical workshop, the Tyk Engineering Team will be guiding you on how to build a powerful plugin to hook into the middleware chain of Tyk’s Open Source API Gateway.

Whether your tech problems are rooted in custom auth signature validation, invoking Lambda functions, talking to your own DB or non http services, this workshop will show you how easy it is to integrate Tyk’s API Gateway with almost any service, and in almost any language.

Martin Buhr, Tyk Creator & CEO, Ahmet Soormally & Yaara Letz, Consulting Engineers, will set the scene by demonstrating some example plugins created using Tyk, followed by a quick run-through of one in particular.

They’ll then set you all a quick-and-dirty gRPC plugin challenge. Don’t panic if you get stuck, they’ll be on hand to help guide you through approaching your MVP.

The level of this workshop is Advanced. Knowledge of gRPC will be great, but not essential as the Tyk team will be on hand to help.


The 2018 Platform Summit


October 22, 2018 15:30


Second Part: 1.5 hours