Shaking Foundations: How to Move From a Corporate to an Open API Mindset

Maria-Garcia-Amadeus Maria Garcia

How do you go about launching and managing an open API program while navigating the challenges of a big corporation’s culture? When it comes to digital transformation, the WHY is easy to understand. It’s figuring out HOW to undergo that transformation, and how to move an entire organization into that direction, that is tricky.

No innovation comes without challenges, and opening APIs always raises concerns about security or intellectual property. So how can you strike a balance between delivering value to the innovators out there, and staying aligned with your organization’s strategy? Having provided APIs to large businesses for over two decades, last year we underwent a transformation to launch our open API program. Our journey required aligning business goals and getting the buy-in from numerous stakeholders, setting up the right program structure, and putting in place new business processes and governance models. This talk covers key learnings, common pitfalls to avoid, and useful tactics to lead the transition of your organization to a (truly) open API culture.


The 2019 Platform Summit


October 23, 2019 10:30